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HN-SAO-2-Shino-Asada by HouseNorma HN-SAO-2-Shino-Asada :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 33 10 HN-Blazblue-Noel-Vermillion by HouseNorma HN-Blazblue-Noel-Vermillion :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 30 14 HN-Yuri-on-Ice-Yuri-Plisetsky by HouseNorma HN-Yuri-on-Ice-Yuri-Plisetsky :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 47 14 HN-Nanbaka-Jyugo by HouseNorma HN-Nanbaka-Jyugo :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 48 34 HN-Death-Parade-Decim-and-Chiyuki by HouseNorma HN-Death-Parade-Decim-and-Chiyuki :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 41 16 HN-Death-Parade-Chiyuki by HouseNorma HN-Death-Parade-Chiyuki :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 39 17 HN-Death-Parade-Decim by HouseNorma HN-Death-Parade-Decim :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 36 12 HN-Monster-Musume by HouseNorma HN-Monster-Musume :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 10 5 HN-Wolfs-Rain by HouseNorma HN-Wolfs-Rain :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 40 27 HN-Phantomhive-Halloween-with-Snake by HouseNorma HN-Phantomhive-Halloween-with-Snake :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 64 32 HN-Arttrade-OC-Chris-Smol-Fetus by HouseNorma HN-Arttrade-OC-Chris-Smol-Fetus :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 11 8 HN-Hak-Son-Akatsuki-no-Yona by HouseNorma HN-Hak-Son-Akatsuki-no-Yona :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 45 40 HN-Magi-Aladdin-Magnostadt by HouseNorma HN-Magi-Aladdin-Magnostadt :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 15 0 HN-Totoro by HouseNorma HN-Totoro :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 76 33 HN-Kaneki-Ken-Tokyo-Ghoul-Red-Moon by HouseNorma HN-Kaneki-Ken-Tokyo-Ghoul-Red-Moon :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 37 9 HN-Bungou-Stray-Dogs-Akutagawa by HouseNorma HN-Bungou-Stray-Dogs-Akutagawa :iconhousenorma:HouseNorma 9 0

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Congrats to my favorite female character of Blazblue: Noel Vermillion! The 25th December is her birthday and Christmas as well! What a coincidence for someone called Noel haha:D
And there is another thing I want to celebrate: I finally got the Wacom Cintiq 13HD, which I worked hard for, and this is the first pic I created with this awesome tablet! Hope you like it:)
I wish you all a merry Christmas<3
Merry christmas everybody 
After watching the 12th episode of this awesome, special in its own way, anime, here now comes a fanart of Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri on Ice.
It was so funny, sometimes emotional, good music, good animation, yeah I liked it. Let's hope for a second season!<3
I tried to make him look like an ice angel with wings and crystals in his hands.
Hope you like my fanart of Yurio:)

Merry Christmas to you all<3
This is a pic for all of you my dear watchers! I appreciate every single one of your llamas, faves, comments, notes and watches and to celebrate 100 watches I drew this Nanbaka fanart for all of you:
Killinator, koulorful, Zenopic, DAIGL, KilluaZoldyck503, o-Akuma-o, EnemyHell, Yersinia88, bunnychwan, ShadowOfAHeartBeat, litart07, Akakyuni, Gunkanmaki, Redzombie204, mildprince, BardzoSpiacySenpai, VyaneCansino97, JenTJen, EricVonSchweetz, KawaiiShinoa, Claudia-kann-alles, Chemlord, elirab007, misaevilcute, To-To-Tofu, Nekolyn, JulaikaAng, ARecklessGod, TheDeviantFool, summerheavy, Phantasya-Naos, MistressDragoness, TTPRINCE, ChibiRoseArt, skylark-17, samfear, jorjie77, Swotan, AerinoMinami, KawaiiLemonz, dontae4567890, Gizebat, FarihaOshin, Kapikemon, karinmangle, Sh0tisha, damiendd23, Llorelia, DragneelKazuto, riksuraksupoksu, weareallbullets, HaneMS, LadyPatt, richardsmae, Hugbuggal, LinkGen, Ahzusa, magedusted, AyoriChan, MayuAikawa, Kiro-Kurusu, Datsumii, Ken-Ichijoji, sasoriyamanaka, SylviaAhriana, skeleton35, shinuhinu, TimeyStuff, VenomxAL, BleachAlchemist7, YasminChan96, kurczatkoo, Kyorin24, Th3Joker24, Crazy--Killer, kimchi-Tea, maxhoopz, bluemyzt, maritanan, Avicii8812836710, cutepinkcat, mardrawings, IsaMitsuku, TalesOfAnUke, skirniskolops, SailorSunPhoenix, TarasovaElena, Zuraxstrider, SARGENTCHUBBZ, jhasthedeathnote, Ashley-Maltese, vaillant2385, Archangel537, Barabba92, Syahlalala, Snepainoticedme, Angelfonds, nicoscapcake, Cerlo, chengsandagan111 <3

Hope you like it!:)
Here comes part 2 of the Death Parade fanarts featuring Chiyuki.
I wanted to see her smile once again so I decided to draw her like this:)
Here is Part 1:…
Part 3 (Decim & Chiyuki) for the arttrade with :iconkannakomi: is coming soon:D
Feel free to leave comments below:D (Big Grin)
Hope you like it!
This time I tried a more realistic approach for Decim from one of my favorite animes Death Parade:)
I used Photoshop for sketching and drawing and Sai for the effects.
This is also the first part of 3 pics I intend to draw as Death Parade fanarts.
First one is Decim, the second one is Chiyuki (currently working on it) and the third one will be both of them together as an arttrade for :iconkannakomi:
How do you like this drawing style? Feel free to leave comments below:D
Hope you like it!
This was a request from :iconkiro-kurusu:
As I had a hard time imagining mermaid Rui and Orc Oscars children (Oscar and the children are all Ocs, only Rui is from the anime as far as I know), cause I never watched the anime, but I am quite happy with the result:D I intended the position to look like a family picture and letting the children just do what they want:D
The children got the ears and nose from their father, the tail from their mum and their skin is a mixture of both parents.
I hope you like it!


HouseNorma's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My name is HouseNorma (you can call me Norma).
I am still trying to find my drawing style and therefore I am experimenting with different ways to draw.
Currently I am focusing on manga, manhwa and anime fanart but sometimes
I also draw OCs. Once in a while I am submitting youtube speedpaints of my digital drawings on my account (called HouseNorma HN).
I would be very happy if you like my pics, leave a comment and support my art!😊😊


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